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Fashion Tricks for Women with Small Breasts

If you have smaller breasts you might have spent a lot of money on padded bras and similar items in an attempt to make yourself look more voluptuous. Quality padded bras aren’t only expensive, they also create unnatural proportions that can make you look awkward instead of attractive. Instead of using artificial methods to make your chest look bigger you can try some fashion tricks to help you either embrace your natural shape and look great at all times or accentuate your bust line a little.

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Enjoy the Freedom

You might not realize it, but the fashion world is made for women with smaller breasts. There are so many great styles and silhouettes that are easier to wear and look great in. You don’t have to worry about strapless bras or convertible bras for special outfits. Instead, you can enjoy the freedom that a smaller chest gives you and go braless when you want! It’s not only convenient, it’s comfortable, too!

If you’re not keen on going braless, you have another great advantage thanks to your small bust. You have a wide range of great bras to choose from. Women with larger breasts will tell you that finding a stylish bra in their size is no easy task. Either the fit isn’t right or the styles are all wrong and matronly. You don’t have that problem. You can find great padded bras, bralettes, lacy lingerie, and everything in between in a variety of fun, flirty styles that will fit you perfectly. You can also confidently wear the StickieBra to help enhance your bust when you’re looking for a little padding and lift.

Accentuate Other Features

You might not have the chest you thought you’d have when you first started developing, but you definitely have other great assets. Maybe it’s a small waist, toned arms, or beautiful long legs. No matter what your best features are, accentuate them to make yourself look and feel great. Any stylist will tell you that showing off your better features is one thing that will always work to your benefit.

Depending on what your best feature is you can find things to wear to show off what you want. For example, if you have a small waist, flaunt it with a tight top and a flared A-line skirt. This will accentuate your waist while also creating more of an hour-glass shape that can make your small bust look better, too.

Layer Up Your Look

Layering is a great style option however, it’s not for all body types. Some women with bigger breasts can’t pull off the layered look because it can create a bulky look that makes them look heavier than they are. This is where having a small chest works. You’re a great candidate for layering so throw on a cami and a cardigan and take advantage of this great style option.

Similarly, you can pull off the on-trend baggy look easily. Baggy outfits can look shapeless on large-breasted ladies since they tend to hang off the body, but you’ll easily rock this trend. Baggy t-shirts, tank tops (paired with a fun bralette peeking out underneath), and oversized blouses will have you looking svelte and stylish while curvier women will have to opt for less comfy options.

High Collars or Plunging Necklines – Decisions, Decisions

With a small chest, you have the freedom to wear a variety of extreme necklines. Choose plunging necklines that would look obscene on larger-breasted ladies or a sophisticated high-neck top that create the dreaded uni-boob look for curvier women.

Plunging necklines are popular these days thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner flaunting them all over the internet. For women with large breasts, these are out of the question. They put them at risk for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, will require special bras, pasties, and/or double-sided tape, and look—frankly—raunchy. However, you can easily throw on a super low-cut top or dress without a bra and walk out of your house feeling sexy and confident.

Similarly, high-necked options look great on you, too. More so, they tend to help accentuate other features to take the focus off your small chest. For example, these necklines tend to be paired with form-fitting silhouettes that can show off small waists. Sleeveless options can also draw focus to toned arms.

While you’re at it, feel free to wear tube tops, halter tops, sweetheart necklines, and everything in between. A smaller bust line gives you this freedom, so enjoy it!

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Patterns and Embellishment are Your Friends

When you’re smaller on top you have more style options than your counterparts. For example, most women with any kind of curves will always steer clear of horizontal stripes. They make you look wider than you are and aren’t flattering on curves. But this isn’t a problem for you with the perfect bra. Not only can you freely wear horizontal stripes, they can actually help your chest look fuller. Other funky patterns are also totally wearable since you don’t have to worry about looking too big.

Embellishments are also great to enhance your bust and to draw focus to other parts of your body. A ruffled neckline or beaded tops can make your chest look fuller, for example. You can also find tops with embellishments on the sleeves that can accentuate toned arms. Similarly, jewelry like long, chunky necklaces can also help enhance your bust. You’re also free to wear sheer tops without worrying about finding specialty bras or accessories to create a sexy look.

Play with Colors

If you know anything about interior design, you know that lighter colors make a room look bigger. The same is true for clothing. Lighter colors reflect more light and can make you look fuller on top. If you pair a light or white top with a darker bottom you can create an illusion of having a bigger bust. Wearing a bright-colored jacket can also create a similar illusion.

Try Backless Tops and High-Waist Bottoms

High-waisted skirts or pants can help your chest look bigger, especially if you have a small waist. Empire waist silhouettes are also a great way to make your bust appear bigger. This is because it creates an illusion that your waist is significantly smaller than your chest which, in turn, makes your chest look fuller. Flared skirts when paired with tight tops will also create the same illusion.

Daring to go backless can also create a sexy look that you can easily pull off without worrying about supporting your breasts. This ultra-feminine and sultry style will have you looking so good that no one will think twice about your bust size. You can also wear clothing with sexy cutouts without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

Be Androgynous

You have the perfect figure for making manly suits or boyish styles look fashionable. Toe the line between feminine and masculine styles in a way that curvier women can’t. A button-down shirt, blazer, and pants paired with a pair of pumps and the right attitude can really look great and take attention off the fact that you don’t have the biggest breasts.

The most important thing that any woman can do is to have confidence in themselves no matter what they look like. You might feel like you’re lacking in femininity or sex appeal because of your small breasts, but when you throw caution to the wind and embrace yourself as you are, you’ll always look and feel your best. When this happens, the world will take notice and your confidence will draw people to you like a moth to a flame. So, throw on those strapless sundresses, those horizontal stripes, and those comfy crop tops and show off your beautiful shape!