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Why StickieBra?

Genuine Brand. Original Products.

At the StickieBra Company, it is our mission to design the most comfortable invisible bra ever! We want every women to feel confident and command any room. Bringing you a solution to uncomfortable and unsightly bras.  A strapless, backless, and zero underwire bra for your most daring of styles.  Perfect for weddings, proms, formal social gatherings, or just a night out on the town.  The StickieBra Company provides genuine products and quality customer service to match.  Do not be fooled by counterfeit and low quality brands.  We are the original source for StickieBras.

What are people saying about us...
"I previously bought a strapless bra for a certain dress, but the adhesive was not strong enough and it kept slipping down. Saw your ad for the StickieBra and bought it. Problem solved -thank you!"
Hartford, Connecticut


"Actually love it! I do not know why I did not get StickieBra sooner.  They are comfortable enough to wear for my 11 hour workday and beyond. Looks nice under clothing of all kinds! No complaints here!"
Perth, Australia
"My everyday bra sometimes has straps that show if my neckline is wide. Also can't wear backless with a regular bra. No problem with this when I wear the SB! Yay!"
Pretoria, South Africa
"After my double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery last year, I have tried well over 20 different bras but they have all been uncomfortable and I have had to go into the restroom at dinner, a wedding, church service and an airplane to remove my bra. I love the StickieBra -- they are comfortable, don't have wires that dig in and allow me to wear shorts that I haven't been able to wear since my surgeries. Thank you!!"
Bozeman, Montana